based on a true story

Letters to Gracie

K writes

I liked your story and Gracie’s dream about Champ with the crown on his head and after Gracie woke up all of a sudden her wings turned purple..  

V writes

I loved your book Gracie the 💜🐓 because Champ stood up for Gracie!  

A writes

my favorite part is Gracie’s dream and when Gracie turns purple are Gracie and Champ ? You should write more books!  

H writes

I liked your book because bullying is bad! How old is Gracie? Also is this the first book you wrote, because I bet I would read them all.. I love farms  

J writes

is Miss Bossy Pants still alive? Were you ever bullied in school? THANK you for writing this book!  

E writes

I read your book and like it because it teaches us bullying is bad..also a purple chicken is COOl! If you write another book, I’d like to read it...  

B writes

my favorite part was when Gracie got her purple wings and all of the chickens were friends with her ... are her wings really purple? Can you please write another book??  

N writes

how old are Miss Bossy Pants, Gracie and Champ? I love your book because it teaches not to bully!  

A writes... I like Champ because he’s cool 😎! How old is Champ?  

K writes

how old is Gracie now? I like how Gracie turned purple and enjoyed reading your book !  

P writes

I liked your book because is teaches that bullying is bad! Oh and how old is Gracie and was her dream real?  

How old is Miss Bossy Pants?  

I writes

I liked your book because it teaches bully is bad! How old is Champ? How did you get the idea to write this book? I enjoyed reading it😊  

S writes

my favorite part is when Gracie has the dream about Champ and she woke up and had purple wings ! Are you going to write another book??  

A writes

this is a really nice book. Bully makes me feel really sad. It is nice when someone helps you. Was it fun writing the book? Gracie the Purple Chicken is a fun book to read in school!  

D writes

my favorite part of the book was when Gracie got purple wings, stopped getting bullied and made a no/ bullying club! How did you get this idea for a book because it’s super duper awesome! Have you ever been bullied? Thank you for writing this book? Will you write another book?  

M writes

you showed us bullying wrong and that’s the best part! This book taught me about that!  

P writes

I liked your book because it teaches us but to bully and his old is Gracie? How did Gracie turn purple? I enjoyed reading it a lot, thank you! 

C writes

we read your book in school; how old is Gracie and Miss Bossy Pants now? I liked how you showed if you see someone being bullied you should stick up for them!